2023 | Fiction | 14 min | Written & Directed by Soomin Choi | Lead Producer Renée Foy
Seven-year-old Korean girl, Moa, lives with her mother and grandmother. Immersed in preparations for an upcoming school choir competition, Moa anticipates her mother’s attendance. However, her tired mother, returning from work and oblivious to Moa’s heartfelt desires, remains consistently indifferent. Frustrated by her mother’s attitude, Moa throws a tantrum in an attempt to gain attention, leading to a tearful night.
Select Festivals:
Toronto Metropolitan Film Festival 2023 – Achievement in Production Award, Best Direction Award, Best Cinematography Award, Best Young Actor, Best Supporting Actor
Vancouver Asian Film Festival 2023 – Official Selection 
Alameda International Film Festival 2024 – Official Selection 
Seattle Asian Film Festival 2024 –  Grand Jury Winner: Best Narrative Short
SHORT to the point 2024 – Official Selection 
TIFF Next Wave Film Festival 2024 – Official Selection 
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